Dajo Group


Dajo was awarded OPL 322 in 2004. OPL 322 is a deepwater concession in Nigeria containing a major light oil discovery.

The Asset is the most significant discovery to date within the western thrust play in water depths of 2500m. 3D seismic processing & 3 successful Exploration/Appraisal wells has been drilled so far.

Dajo is currently working on the development of the block with a forecasted 2022 2023 work program to include CSEM acquisition and Drilling of 2 appraisal/development wells

Covers an area of 1,524km in water depths ranging from 2200m to 2500m.

Two fields (BOBO & AGA) discovered so far through seismic interpretation and well penetration.

Significant Discovery volumes of Oil & Gas were discovered from the drilling of 3 Wells.

Substantial Prospective volumes of Oil & Gas also exist in the acreage.

Dajo is also looking to grow its upstream portfolio by participating in IOCS divestment opportunities, SAAs and acquiring a marginal field.